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“Trip to the Cottage”  2007


Trip to the Cottage Sound Clips & Track Listing

 “John O’ Dreams” 2004

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Track Listing and Sound Clips for “John O’ Dreams”

 “Weaver’s Life”    2000


 Track Listing

  • 1. Coleraine’s Jig / The Humors of Tullycrine
  • 2. Bogey’s Bonnie Belle
  • 3. The Weaver’s Song
  • 4. Garrett Barry’s / Apples in Winter / Daithi Sproule’s
  • 5. The Barring of the Door
  • 6. The Howling Wind / The Scholar
  • 7. The Reluctant Pirate
  • 8. Tommy Peoples / Unknown
  • 9. A Pretty Fair Maid / Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel, I Believe
  • 10. Dowd’s No. 9 / Boil the Breakfast Early / The Misty Mountain
  • 11. Shift and Spin
  • 12. The Black Slender Boy / Tie the Ribbons
  • 13. How Could I live at the Top of a Mountain
  • 14. Wednesday Night Waltz / Lullaby Waltz

 “The Homecoming” 1996

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Track Listing and Sound Clips for “The Homecoming”

    • 1.  The Homecoming / Jackson’s Cravat
    • 2.  Jamie Raeburn’s Farewell / Fannie Power
    • 3.  Sporting Boys / Black-eyed Sailor
    • 4. Two Sisters
    • 5.  Soldier’s Joy / La Grande Chaine
    • 6.  Pernod Waltz / Sleepy Maggie
    • 7.  Langstrom’s Pony / Geese on the Bog
    • 8.  Love is Teasing
    • 9.  Whiskey in the Jar
    • 10. The Woods of Old Limerick / John D. McGurks / The Fairy Reel
    • 11. Kirkconnel Lea
    • 12.  Mountain and the Flood / Julia Delaney / Hunter’s Purse
    • 13.  Allen Tyne
    • 14.  Mrs. Kelly’s Chickens / Louis Waltz
    • 15. The Exile
    • 16. The Parting Glass/The Jug of Punch


Henri’s Notions has released 5 CDs

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Other Individual Notion’s Projects!

“The Ladies Go Dancing”

A solo recording by Jil Chambless / Produced by Brian McNeill

Check out Jil’s Website for details! 



“Saddell Abbey”

A solo CD by Scooter Muse

Check out Scooter’s website for details!

14 tracks featuring 12 original compositions, 3 songs, and music set to the poetry of Robert Burns

Click HERE for information!

 “The Laverock Sang”

A new CD by the Notion’s Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse

Click HERE for the link to sound clips and/or purchase

Jason Bailey CDs

The Notions newest member, Jason Bailey, is an incredible mandolin player. He has released 5 Cds.

Please check out Jason’s music at