“One of the best American Celtic Bands I have heard in a long, long time!”

Brian McNeill
Internationally Acclaimed Scottish Singer, Songwriter and Performer


“A highlight from abroad was Henri’s Notions – that wonderful Celtic & American music band from Alabama!! The Notions really made the festival a great success with their musical presence felt in every corner and on every stage!!”

Menachem Vinegrad / Director and Founder, Jacob’s Ladder Music Festival / Israel

Henri’s Notions at the 2010 Jacob’s Ladder Festival / Israel

“At our festival we think it important to recognize what Irish culture became in the United States and the South in particular. We have been delighted to welcome Henri’s Notions to Savannah. Firmly rooted in north Alabama the Notions bring four-star quality musicianship, the lovely vocals of Jil Chambless and a sound equally fulfilling in a 10,000 seat arena or a pub stage of 200 people. This band can take the stage with confidence after more widely acclaimed performers and few bands will feel comfortable taking the stage after them.”

Jimmy Buttimer / Music Director, The Savannah Irish Festival